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Latest News

Pfizer Must Pay $45M in Prempro Case

A state appeals court in Pennsylvania has sided with two women who filed suit against drugmaker Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) claiming that the company’s Prempro menopause drug caused their breast cancers. The award of $45 million will be split between the two complainants. Pfizer has set aside $840 million to pay claims against Prempro, which was linked to breast cancer in a 2002 study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. So far the company has resolved about 46% of the litigation resulting from claims against the drug, which is still available. Prempro was developed and sold by Wyeth prior to... »

Supplements are not always good for you .. but they are not always bad either

The Archives of Internal Medicine reports on a study on the use of dietary supplements concluding that not all supplements are good for you. Researchers used data from the Iowa Women's Health Study which followed a group of women with a mean age of 61.6 for a period of 20 years starting 1986.  They concluded: In older women, several commonly used dietary... »

Bioidentical Estradiol better for memory loss

Researchers at Stanford add to the volume of evidence that bio-identical hormones are not only better for you but that conjugated equine estrogen (CEE), estrogen from pregnant mares used in products such as Premarin and PremPro, can be actually bad for you. The study involved 68 women who had reached menopause and were taking hormone replacement for at least one year.... »

Turning back the clock on menopause

Medscape report that scientists now claim that menopause might be "preventable". According to Dr. Jonathon Tilly's keynote address to North American Menopause Society (NAMS) 22nd Annual Meeting entitled"Ovarian Aging: Can Science Turn Back the Clock?", the concept of the biological... »

CoQ10 can renew eggs?

According to the Montreal Gazette, Canadian scientists are working on a way to make older human eggs young again. Researchers have used co-enzyme Q10 to make "older" mice produce not only more eggs but also healthier eggs. They believe that if... »

Menopause does not increase heart risk

The British Medical Journal has just released a study that shows it is aging and not menopause per se that increases a woman's risk of heart disease.  Their report states: What is already known on this topic Although heart disease mortality increases with... »


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